100% Arabica coffee

Pure origin, sustainable and ethical

Super-automatic machine

Instant coffee grinds at the push of a button

zero waste

Zero waste generation in your office or business

Unique benefits

Employee benefits and engagement actions

Unique opportunity

New lines of income and savings in coffee purchases

Technical Support

24h technical support to repair breakdowns

Who doesn't like coffee breaks to catch up with your co-workers? What if they could be enjoyed with Good Coffee?

From your neighborhood GoodNews, to your home, and also to your business: Welcome to our community where we offer you a quality, ethical and sustainable coffee solution to help you improve engagement with your employees or create a new line of income for your company.

GoodDays from 0,20€ per cup of Arabica coffee, pure origin, sustainable and ethical, contact us to find a Good Solution to your liking!


What would an office be without its Good Coffee? Now you can bring the GoodNews vibe to your office, join our community and lifestyle brand, and increase the engagement of your business.

We offer a super-automatic machine solution and quality, ethical and sustainable coffee, as well as employee benefits with exclusive employee discounts.

It's time to share moments again, and to generate more than just good vibes among colleagues and teams.

Who's up for a Good Coffee Break?

They already trust us


Our GoodCoffee

We offer 100% ARABICA COFFEE VARIETIES from different origins. Also, WE HAVE A VARIETY OF DECAFFEINATED COFFEE from our Barcelona Farm located in Apia-Colombia.

Good Coffee is much more than good taste. IT IS ALSO GOOD VIBES, AND IT IS A COMMITMENT TO CURRENT AND FUTURE GENERATIONS OF COFFEE PICKERS. At GoodNews we develop good practices in the cultivation of our coffee, promoting RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. We are aware of the human chain from the time the coffee is harvested until it reaches your hands.

Our Machines

We offer a wide variety of superautomatic machines adapted to the needs of different environments. From offices with 5 employees to more than 1,000, boutique hotels, large resorts and all types of restaurants and cafeterias.

All our machines have a "one-touch" solution and can make freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button. Reducing the impact on the carbon footprint by consuming just enough energy and water to make an excellent espresso.

Our machines also have, if required, payment solutions to work in self-service generating opportunities to create new areas of income!

Frequent questions

Your Coffee + Machine subscription plan includes the super-automatic machine and the kg of coffee per month or every 2 months that have been chosen, being able to change the variety with each delivery. If you choose only coffee, the same but without a machine.

You can choose if you want to receive it every 3 days or every 60 days.

You can always have specialty coffee in the office at an incredible price.

It is a flexible subscription, where you can change the quantity and variety of coffee in each delivery from your client area.

You can always contact our customer service team

The deposit is returned at the end of your relationship with GoodNews or when you want to change machines.

If you only subscribe to coffee, the permanence is 3 months, if you subscribe to Café + Machine, the permanence is 12 months.

In the event that the subscription is canceled before the 12-month stay, the deposit will not be returned.

After the permanence period, you will receive an email asking you if you want to continue with your subscription, with the option of upgrading the machine by paying the difference in the deposit amount. Or if on the contrary you prefer to cancel it, and at that time the deposit will be returned to you.

We are responsible for any incident that occurs with the machines, during the entire period of the contract with us.

Contact us through and we will contact the corresponding technical service team.