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If there is something that defines us is "GOOD VIBES” and not because we say so, but because our Good People transmit it to us day by day. We are much more than a Good Coffee, we are a community eager to wake up life with Good Vibes. We can't tell you how your day starts, but we can tell you how you can turn it into a GOOD DAY!

Our mission, to transfer the good vibes of our cities to all our impacts. This goes much further than just a good coffee. LET'S CHANGE COFFEE FOR GOOD!

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Good vibes for the neighborhood

At GoodNews we gave a new life to traditional kiosks by turning them into a meeting point and a place to go to turn your days into Good Days. Our mission is to generate good vibes throughout our value chain: from the coffee picker to the consumer. That is, you. Welcome to the era of good coffee and good vibes. YOUR GOOD DAY STARTS HERE!

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Who doesn't like coffee breaks to catch up with your co-workers? What if they could be enjoyed with Good Coffee? We bring Good Coffee and good vibes to your business! It's time to share moments again, and to generate more than good vibes between colleagues and teams.
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"GoodNews: New life to the newsstand".

The entrepreneurs created the Good News brand and modernized the service with the aim of bringing it closer to young people. "We wanted to change the look and feel of the business: we applied a minimalist aesthetic and if the customer gave us good news, we gave him a newspaper, a magazine or a coffee."

The press allies with coffee to save newsstands

Giving a new life to newsstands with coffee at their core. This is the starting point of Good News, a company that was born in 2020 after five young people took over the newsstand they used to go to in Barcelona.

"Free coffee to celebrate the new opening of GoodNews."

The brand, which gives away free coffee during the first week of all its openings, also gives discounts in exchange for good news. The loyalty program does not end here: you also get discounts if you ride a bike or scooter and if you buy a thermos, you get a free coffee. And if you later ask for a refill of the same thermos, you also get discounts.

"Desigual creator drinks GoodNews coffee at 11 million round".

The startup GoodNews raises 11 million euros in a financing round led by Thomas Meyer, creator of the fashion brand Desigual. It also has the participation of Barlon Capital, venture capital fund of the historic investor Javier Rubió.

"GoodNews boosts your coffee business".

The newspaper and coffee chain, which locates its kiosks and stores near Starbucks spaces to compare models, will open its first store outside Spain next month in Paris.