in your office

Make your coffee break
a new experience

We bring Good Coffee to your office to make coffee breaks the best moment of the day.

Who doesn't love coffee breaks to catch up with your co-workers? What if these could be enjoyed with Good Coffee?

We started with the GoodNews of your neighborhood, then we went to your home, and now also to your company: Welcome to our community where we offer a quality and sustainable coffee solution to make your coffee breaks, the best time of the day.

How can you enjoy coffee breaks even more?

100% Arabica, pure origin and sustainable. Our commitment for exceptional quality coffee mirrors our dedication for turning every cup into a Good Vibing (and delightful) adventure.


Natural supplements designed to empower your employees with diverse functionalities, allowing them to level up their daily lives without altering their coffee habits. Choose between 5 of our functional boosts.


Discover our functional teas and infusions that will help your employees feel at their best. Our experts have blended botanicals, natural fruits, vitamins, and magic spells (well, maybe not spells, but almost) to  create a unique range of teas that offer different functionalities.


We even have options for the sweetest souls! Combine your coffees with our delicious syrups and spice up your day!

It's all GoodNews for your team

100% Arabica Coffee

We are B-Corp

and it's in our blood! Generating 0 waste in your office when working with coffee beans or ground coffee

Good Vibes

Good vibes are in our DNA. Smiles, dances, compliments, confidences... everything that is happening in our premises, can happen in your office

Beyond Coffee

In addition to enjoying our functional teas and natural supplements, together we will improve the coffee break experience

Superautomatic Machine

If you need it, we can install a silent machine that grinds your coffee or prepares an infusion at the touch of a button

Technical Support

Technical support and maintenance service

They already trust us


What makes GoodNews coffee special for my office?
At GoodNews, we're more than just coffee, we introduce you to our Good Coffee!

• Sustainability: We are B-Corp and it's in our blood! With us, your office will not only enjoy exceptional coffee, but will also contribute to a greener world, generating 0 waste. Goodbye traditional capsules.
• Good Vibes: Good Vibes are in our DNA. Smiles, dances, compliments, confidences... everything that is happening in our stores can happen in your office.
How many varieties of coffee can I buy?
At GoodNews, we offer up to 5 varieties of Arabica coffee for all types of workers. So you have the whole squad happy even on a Monday morning! From the charming SWEET to the daring INTENSE, without forgetting our DECAF for those who just want to take it easy. All of them will transport you to the coffee fields of Brazil, India, Guatemala, Vietnam, among others. In short, whichever one you choose, your cup of coffee will be like a passport to Good Vibes!
In what format can I buy coffee?
You can buy our 1kg Arabica happiness bags, where each kilo will allow you to enjoy 110-115 coffees. Get ready for the whole office to join the now irresistible Coffee Breaks!
Can I only buy coffee if I already have my own machine?
Of course!
What other products can I buy besides coffee?
In addition to our Good Coffee, you can also elevate your daily life with our Boosts. These natural supplements are designed to give your day a boost without changing your coffee habits, improving the health, well-being and lifestyle of your workers. And since life is too short for a boring coffee, we also offer our syrups to make your coffee a masterpiece!

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