How did it all start?

In March 2020, the world was in the midst of the worst pandemic in the last 100 years. Some said that the apocalyptic prophecies were coming true and that the world as we knew it was coming to an end.

Entire countries were closing their borders and their cities were being confined. Neighborhoods and streets were shutting down. Sadness began to dominate the world.

But as has always been the case in the harshest episodes of human history, there was still hope.

And between chaos and hope, a group of friends from Barcelona decided to undertake the mission of filling the neighborhoods with good vibes again, reminding people that, in the worst moments of Humanity, good things still happen to us and it is worth being happy.


And to achieve this, this group of young people transformed a newsstand in the city of Barcelona, called it "GoodNews", and began to serve discounted coffees in exchange for customers telling them something good that had happened to them in the last few days.

And little by little, that newsstand began to create a small chain of good news and good vibes in the neighborhood.

For an instant, that GoodNews made people forget about all the bad things that were happening in the world.

And with the same enthusiasm of the first kiosk, and with the mission to bring back the good vibes to all the neighborhoods, these young people realized something incredible. And that is that all good things start with a good coffee...


We are a young brand-loving community with a good mission, an innovative and healthy product, lovers of sharing and living life with a smile. We can't tell you how your day starts, but we can tell you what we can turn it into: A GOOD DAY!

Good Coffee is much more than good taste. It is also good vibes, and it is a commitment to current and future generations of coffee pickers. At GoodNews we develop good practices in the cultivation of our coffee, promoting responsible and sustainable agriculture.

We are aware of the human chain from the time the coffee is harvested until it reaches your hands.