Family Pack & 2 Thermos Free

Family Pack & 2 Thermos Free

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You know what they say, GO BIG OR GO HOME If making decisions isn't your thing and you're dying to try all our Good Coffee varieties, don't think twice and go for our COMPLETE FAMILY PACK.

The Family Pack contains all our Good Coffees: La Libertad, Tonatiuh, La Soledad, Luvia, Mitescere Decaf, Nascer do Sol, Barcelona, Bela Terra and Tacaná, as well as 2 free thermoses with your pack so you can take your Good Coffee everywhere parts.


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Changeons le café pour de bon

FRIENDLY REMINDER, there is no single path to a fair coffee free of child labor. At Good News, we adhere to sourcing standards that ensure progress toward our ultimate goal. Eradicate once and for all child labor in the coffee industry. Cutting to the chase!

1. End-to-end traceability.
First of all, we are not very into long-distance relationships.
We like having you around and our Good Coffee even more. FIRST STEP, getting as close as possible to the farms where our coffee is grown and establishing relationships with farmers, guaranteeing good social and environmental conditions during their cultivation.

2. Commitment to rural coffee-producing communities.
We don't like the easy way.
We seek out and identify coffee farmers who have traditionally been excluded from the global coffee value chain. Working hand in hand with these communities allows us to empower small farms and cooperatives, thus helping to generate a more balanced industry between large and small coffee growers.

3. Collaborative price negotiation. We go where they call us.

We are committed to talking directly with farmers and cooperatives to negotiate and establish optimal working conditions that facilitate development. We opt for direct purchase to ensure Good Vibes from start to finish.

Much more than Good Coffee, right?

child labor free

Full grain traceability

Collaborative price negotiation

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