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GoodNews offers through its website the following coffee subscription programs with or without a coffee machine:

1. ONLY COFFEE Subscription Program

1.1 The SOLO CAFÉ subscription program offers subscribers the possibility of purchasing GoodNews coffee (coffee beans or ground coffee) under exclusive economic conditions for a minimum period of three (3) months (hereinafter, the "Subscription Period"). Permanence") by paying, monthly or bimonthly, a certain subscription fee.


2.1 The COFFEE AND MACHINE – DELONGHI MAGNIFICA S subscription program offers subscribers the possibility of acquiring (i) a DeLonghi Magnifica S machine, black or white, for an initial fee of one hundred and fifty euros (€150.-) ( VAT included) (hereinafter, the "Initial Fee") and (ii) a total of twelve (12) kilos of the GoodNews coffee selected by the subscriber for a minimum period of twelve months (hereinafter, "Permanence Period ”) by paying, monthly or bi-monthly, a certain subscription fee during the 12-month Term of Permanence (hereinafter, the “Coffee + DeLonghi Magnifica S Fee”)


3.1 The COFFEE AND MACHINE – JURA ENA4 subscription program offers subscribers the possibility of acquiring (i) a JURA ENA4 machine, black or white, for an initial fee of three hundred euros (€300.-) (VAT included) (hereinafter, the "Initial Fee") and (ii) a total of twelve (12) kilos of GoodNews coffee selected by the subscriber for a minimum period of twelve months (hereinafter, "Permanence Period") paying , on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, a certain subscription fee during the 12-month Permanence Period (hereinafter, the "Coffee Fee + JURA ENA4").

Hereinafter, the SOLO COFFEE, COFFEE AND DELONGHI MAGNIFICA S MACHINE WITH INITIAL FEE, COFFEE AND JURA ENA4 MACHINE WITH INITIAL FEE Subscription Programs will be jointly referred to as the “Subscription Programs”.

4. Terms and conditions of Subscription Programs

4.1 Regardless of the Subscription Program selected by the subscriber, all of these are governed by the following terms and conditions:

4.2. Billing and Payment Methods

  • Subscription Fee: The Subscription Fee of the selected Subscription Program will be charged through the Payment Method on the payment date indicated in the "CART" of the Web. In some cases, the billing date may change, such as if your Payment Method has not been set up correctly, if you have changed subscription plans, or if your paid subscription started on a non-existent day in a given month. In any case, the invoicing of the Subscription Fee will be monthly or bimonthly depending on the chosen delivery frequency.

  • Payment Methods: To subscribe to any Subscription Program you may be required to provide one or more Payment Methods. If your primary Payment Method is declined or is no longer available for us to collect your Subscription Fee from you, you authorize us to charge you through any other Payment Method associated with your account. The subscriber will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. If we are unable to collect an amount (for reasons such as expiration of your Payment Method, lack of funds or any other cause) and you do not cancel your Subscription Program, the cancellation terms below will apply. The issuer of some Payment Methods may charge you certain fees for items such as a foreign currency transaction or other fees associated with processing your Payment Method. Local tax charges may vary depending on the Payment Method used. Check with your Payment Method service provider for details.

  • Payment Method Changes : You can modify your Payment Methods in your "CUSTOMER AREA" of the web. GoodNews may also modify your Payment Methods according to the data provided by the payment service providers. After each change, you authorize us to continue charging you through the applicable Payment Method(s).

4.3 Cancellation and Penalty

  • Cancellation by return: The subscriber may cancel his Subscription Program during the first fifteen (15) days from the moment he receives the coffee, the Jura ENA4 coffee machine or the DeLonghi Magnifica S coffee machine and the first order of Good News coffee. In this case, the subscriber must return both the coffee machine in perfect condition and the first coffee order. Once GoodNews verifies that the return of the coffee machine has been carried out correctly, it will proceed to refund the Initial Fee and the first Subscription Fee. In cases of Cancellation due to return, the Penalty provided in the following section will not be applied.

  • Cancellation due to non-payment (“Penalty”): In the event that the subscriber does not comply with the payment terms of the Subscription Fee provided in each of the Subscription Programs, it will be considered that there has been a breach of the Period Permanence of the respective Subscription Program. For this purpose, the subscriber accepts that, in the event of non-payment of the Subscription Fees during the Permanence Period of the respective Subscription Program, GoodNews applies an economic penalty equivalent to 75% of the amount to PVP of the DeLonghi Magnifica S machine or the Jura ENA4 machine (that is, the original sale price - without discounts or promotions - that is identified on the official website of GoodNews or on the official websites of Jura - www.es.jura. com/es - or Delonghi - www.delonghi.com -). In the event that there is a breach in the SOLO COFFEE Subscription Program, the penalty will be financial and will be equivalent to the difference between 100% of the PVP of the coffee that is identified on the GoodNews official website and the discount applied in the program. subscription.

By way of example: The subscriber Ignacio contracts the CAFÉ Y MÁQUINA JURA ENA4 program on January 1, 2021. On November 1, 2021, Ignacio stops paying the Subscription Fee for his Subscription Program. In this case, the penalty to be paid by Ignacio would be equivalent to 75% of the PVP of Jura ENA4 (which appears on the official GoodNews website), the date on which Ignacio fails to pay.

  • Voluntary cancellation: In the event that the subscriber voluntarily decides to cancel his Subscription Program, he must communicate it to the email indicated below, or request the cancellation of the Subscription Program in his "CUSTOMER AREA" of the Web. If the voluntary cancellation is carried out during the Permanence Period of the Subscription Program, the subscriber must pay the Penalty amount in accordance with the provisions of the previous section of these Subscription Terms of Use. Conversely, if the voluntary cancellation occurs after the Term Period, the subscriber will not have to pay any Penalty, and GoodNews will automatically proceed to suspend the subscriber's Subscription Fees. For clarification purposes, from the moment in which the voluntary cancellation occurs, GoodNews will not charge the subscriber the following Subscription Fee.
  • Termination of the Permanence Period: Once the Permanence Period of each Subscription Program has ended, the subscriber may cancel their Subscription Program at any time and without any penalty, or continue paying the same subscription fee under the same terms and conditions that were contracted. , except that GoodNews may apply any bonuses or exclusive promotions.

4.4 Customer Service Services

GoodNews makes available to the subscriber a personalized customer service, from which you can deal with all questions related to your Subscription Program, Subscription Fee and/or any other question related to the operation and/or maintenance of the coffee machine that is included in the corresponding Subscription Program selected by the subscriber. Email: suscripcion@goodnewsco.es

4.5 Guarantees for DELONGHI MAGNIFICA SY JURA ENA4 Coffee Machines

All coffee machines included in the various subscription programs have a three (3) year warranty. To find out the extension and coverage of the guarantee, please access the information included in the delivery packaging of the coffee machine.
Or to the Clause of the following link for DELONGHI MAGNIFICA S.
Or to Clause 14 of the following link for JURA ENA 4.

5. Miscellaneous provisions

5.1 For the rest of the issues not expressly provided for in these Subscription Terms of Use, the provisions of the "Sale Conditions" identified in the following web link will apply.

5.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is expressly stated that these Subscription Terms apply solely and exclusively to the Subscription Programs contracted by the subscriber on the official GoodNews website: https://www.goodnews.coffee